Dedicated to bringing weird gear to ears of dears (and/or deers) in all hemispheres :)

It's me, Katie! Don't worry, the rhyming stops here. To me, the essence of u_g_g_l_y is walking a fine line between ugly and cool. You have to stop and question whether you love it or hate it - and that's how you know it's iconic baby ;)

Born out of 2020, my handmade polymer clay earrings kept me sane, and now hopefully can bring joy to other people too! I am always improving and evolving, and so are the designs. 

So take a look around, and feel free to contact me regarding commissions, or other pressing questions such as 'how much wiggle must a wiggly squigg wigg if a squiggly wiggle waggle wigg squig?'.

Check out my Instagram @u_g_g_l_y for updates on new releases, sales and all goings ons.

  • One off/small batch - most of my earring designs are one off pairs. meaning you are getting something truly unique!
  • Sustainable packaging - all packaging is recyclable or re-used - any bubble wrap you may find is re-used from other packaging, as well as most tissue paper. I use paper tape where possible and only plastic tape on the outer packaging for security and damage prevention.